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I used to be the very busy girl working 50+ hours per week. "I don’t have time" was my favorite motto. After turning 30, suffering from a burnout and having a baby, I decided to choose living rather than simply surviving. Today, I achieve more by doing less and I teach amazing people like you to do the same.

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My name is Emilie Viens. I'm a French Canadian living in a small town near Quebec City with my 3 year old son Harrison and my soulmate, Philippe. I love good food, travel, books, luxurious hotels, projects and I'm always up for long conversations about business. 

As far as I can remember, I have always known I would one day be an entrepreneur, even though I did not know how or in which field. After getting my bachelor's degree in International Studies and Modern Languages, I completed an Events and Planning course and jumped right into this career as a professional meeting planner. I loved those first years because I was traveling a lot, meeting amazing people and doing what I thought was my dream job.


It was great, but it was hard. Very hard.


After a 10 year career in the event industry, I faced one of the biggest challenges I had ever faced: burnout. I thought I would never love working again. At the same time - exactly 2 weeks after I started my sick leave - I got pregnant.

I then had two options. The first was to continue living the way I was, which meant running out of time and prioritizing everything except myself.

The second option was to change. This is what I chose, without knowing where this important decision would lead me. The fun story begins here because from that moment on, I started to become the person I was truly meant to be. 

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I'm simply a professionnal event planner who decided to transform her passion for planning and time management into a business.


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After doing some deep inner work - hello personal growth! -, starting to raise my son and rebuilding my self confidence, I decided to launch a blog. Why? Because writing has always been a pleasure that I unconsciously stopped practicing around the time I started working. This is how La Planificatrice - my French blog - was born. I quickly gained followers, and people – not only my friends and family! – were truly enjoying my content.


My planning and productivity tips seemed to be truly helpful, so I delved deeper into that field. I launched my coaching service a few months later, followed by my first online course. And finally, I created the perfect printed planner I had been dreaming about for years.


After only 2 years in my business, I knew deep down that I needed to share my expertise and knowledge with more than just the French speakers. I wanted the whole world to know that healthy productivity is achievable and that adding more hours to our busy days and weeks is not necessarily the right solution to fulfill our dreams.


That’s how the English version was born. Within only 2 months, I created what is now known as Emilie the Planner; an online platform where you can find inspiration, tips, strategies, tools and advice to find time, optimize your energy and live your life fully.

Starting a business which is not in my native language is probably the most challenging thing I’ve done in my entire life. Even though my English skills are great, I am stepping outside of my comfort zone in a way you cannot imagine. 

This experience makes me vulnerable, completely imperfect… and more human I guess! The ex-perfectionist in me finds this SO hard - but don’t worry for her, she’ll survive ;-). 

My goal is to help millions of women just like you, wearing several hats and trying to check all the boxes. What would make me most happy is to help you find time – because yes my friend, you do have enough minutes in your already busy day. Together, we can check these boxes and endless tasks, one at the time. 

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I used to feel overwhelmed and burned out every day. Today, I am motivated and excited on a daily basis. I would be honoured to help you follow the same path I chose a few years ago. Are you ready?

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THE BEST WAY TO STAY            

Ready to scale your productivity in a healthy way?

I know how time flies by, so let me remind you on a weekly basis what to do.


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